Format for Cases of OD Projects

  1. Project Overview
    [Title of the OD project; Name of the Organisation; Start- and end- dates of your OD project]
  2. Context
    [In this section, please describe the organisation’s external environment and its internal conditions. Show how the external and internal context contributed to the reason for establishing the OD project]
  3. Opportunity and/or Problem
    [Here specify the problem and/or the opportunity that was presented by the interplay between the external and internal context]
  4. OD Project
    [This section forms the main part of your case submission and should consist of four parts. (i) Please start by listing the goals that your team set out to achieve. (ii) Describe the diagnosis phase of your project … here, state the methods and techniques that you employed for sample-selection, data collection and analyses. Also state why you chose these particular methods & techniques (iii) What conclusions did you make and how did those help you arrive at the design of your OD intervention? If you used any other criteria to arrive at the design of your OD project then please remember to include those as well. (iv) Finally, describe the implementation of your project: write about the phases that were part of the project; unexpected occurrences (if any); the resistance involved and how it was addressed; etc]
  5. Post-project evaluation
    [Please begin this section by describing the extent to which your OD project achieved its immediate goals/outputs. Then, please state whether the project produced impact/outcomes beyond achievement of immediate project goals.
    You should present two perspectives to portray both the immediate results and the longer-term impact. The first perspective relates to the impact of the project within your organisation. The second perspective is a comparison of your organisation’s performance with that of industry.
    For both perspectives, please provide pre- and post- data related to the performance measures that your OD project was designed to change. This will increase the effectiveness of your case narrative. If you do not wish to disclose some data in its complete/primary form, then selected samples of that data may be provided, or it may be included in the form of aggregates, averages, percentages, and/or modal values.You could present data about market-share, environmental impact, etc.]
  6. Learning & Implications
    [In this section please share your reflections about the OD project. What did you and your team learn from it? What did your organisation learn from the project? In hindsight, what might you have done differently. Please also state the implications of your project to OD as a science and as a practice]
  7. Appendices
  8. Bibliography
  9. Name, Signature and Date — by Author(s) and Authorised Signatory