Suggested Format for Extended Abstracts

  1. Title 
  2. Introduction
    [Describe the relevance of the topic and the need for the study]
  3. Theory, Concepts and Objectives
    [Summarise the review of literature (define and describe the main concepts/variables in the study, diagram/illustrate the relations between those concepts, identify the gap(s) in literature); discuss the significance of the gap(s) in knowledge; present the research objectives, questions or hypothesis]
  4. Data, Methods and Techniques
    [Describe the process, methods and techniques that were adopted for data collection and for analyses]
  5. Findings, Interpretations and Conclusions
    [Discuss findings and interpretations; connect interpretations with research objectives and present the conclusions]
  6. Limitations and Implications
    [Discuss your conclusions with those of other studies; suggest directions for future research; and importantly, present the implications of your study for practice in organisations]
  7. References